Electric Dirt Bikes

Electric Kids Bikes

Why Choose Electric Mini Bikes?

Electric kids bikes are fantastic fun and will keep kids entertained for hours! They are becoming increasingly popular due to their low maintenance and simple operation.
Modern battery technology has improved dramatically over the last few years, and good quality kids bikes can run for much longer on a single charge.

There’s no doubt that electric kids bikes are better for the environment and there’s also no noise pollution as they run virtually silent. Modern electric kids bikes can also be almost as quick as their petrol equivalents if a higher wattage model is chosen. Kids don’t, of course, get the tremendous thrill of revving a real engine for the first time. For most environmentally conscious parents, though, this won’t be a problem.

Product Spotlight - MXR 1300w


The MXR1300 Dirt Bike is powered by one of the best motors available in this range. With a huge, grunty 1300w motor, this bike really pulls and is the perfect next step up from our smaller electric MXR range. Not content with 36V, we’ve made this range topper 48V for a 25% longer ride time over the 36V.

Vented Wavy Brake Discs

The heat dissipating vented wavy brake discs make easy work of stopping in various conditions.

Upside Down Hydraulic Front Forks

The sturdy, yet lightweight upside down hydraulic forks work well, feel great and keep the front wheel planted when pushed to the limit.

Twistgrip Throttle

Classed as a mini dirt bike, the twistgrip throttle unit gives the MXR1300 an original dirt bike feeling, alongside an LCD battery display indicating how much longer you have to continue enjoying the ride!

Rear Shock

The MXR1300’s rear mono shock absorber works well and feels great, whilst improving the overall handling and offering a smooth and controlled ride over rough ground.


A 12” front wheel and 10” rear wheel makes this the largest kids electric dirt bike we sell, and the higher grade tyres provide much better grip and reduce the number of changes required.

Speed Dials

One unique feature is the intelligent control unit which allows the user to control; Throttle Response – choose how you want the power delivery, sporty & aggressive, soft & gentle, or somewhere in between? Speed Setting – you set the top speed. Motor Power – lets you adjust the percentage of available motor power from low to 100%.