Petrol Mini Dirt Bikes

Junior Range

Why Choose Petrol Mini Bikes?

Petrol kids bikes are terrific fun and are still a very popular choice even with the onset of electric bikes. One of the main reasons for petrol mini bikes retaining their popularity is the thrill of revving a real engine!

Although petrol kids bikes require more maintenance and require petrol and oil we expect them to maintain their popularity for the foreseeable future. They simply bring joy!
For parents who don’t have access to open areas or who are concerned about noise just opt for an electric kids bike which run virtually silent.

Product Spotlight - 10Ten 90R

High-Performance Engine

The small but powerful Oil-cooled 90cc engine, fitted into a super durable Chromoly steel frame will allow you to enjoy aggressive off-road use.

90R Spec: 90cc High-Performance 4-Stroke Engine

Large aluminium wheels

Fitted with stainless steel spokes, shod with aggressive motocross knobbly tyres provide a stable and superior ride.

90R Spec: Large aluminium wheels

Semi-Automatic Gearbox

The 90R has a semi-automatic gearbox that is absolutely ideal for a beginner.

90R Spec: Semi-Automatic Gearbox

Extended Swing Arm

The chassis also features an extended swing arm which helps with stability at speed over whoops and ruts.

90R Spec: Extended Swing Arm

Gripped Seat

A few other nice touches at no extra charge are… a gripper seat, copied from motocross, it helps the rider keep seated in one position, rather than slipping back and forth along the seat.

90R Spec: Gripped Seat

Vented Brake Discs

If you’re going fast then you want to be able to stop sharpish. Fitted upfront is the same twin pot hydraulic front brake as fitted to our factory works spec supermoto race bikes, including a huge 220mm heat dissipating vented wavy front disc. The rear brake, also hydraulic, is a single pot, again coupled up to a vented 190mm wavy disc.

90R Spec: Vented Brake Discs
90R Spec